Dolomite Marble is a warm white marble with light grey and taupe streaks. Using this beautiful white marble in your space would bring a tone of elegance and luxurious feel to your room without being overcrowded. This gorgeous marble is one of the most beautiful white marbles and also one of the most popular stones. The white background is not only warm and uniform but the veining is also a very light to medium grey. This light color stone makes it very easy to incorporate in classic or modern settings. 

Dolomite Marble is quite strong and can be used on bathroom floors, walls, foyers, and other interior applications. We carry Dolomite Marble in slab, tiles, mosaics and trim pieces. Finishes also available in Polished.


Bianco Dolomite Herringbone Floral Design Tile

$16.95 $19.00 11%

Bianco Dolomiti Marble Dolomite 12x12 Polished Marble Tile


Bianco Dolomiti Marble Dolomite 12x24 Honed / Polished Marble Tile

$15.34 sq. ft.

Dolomite 1/2x12 Polished Pencil Moulding

$10.25 $12.90 21%

Dolomite 12x12 Casablanca Tile


Dolomite 2x2 Polished Marble Mosaic Tile


Dolomite 3/4x12 Polished Pencil Moulding

$7.45 $8.50 12%

Dolomite 3x12 Polished Marble Tile


Dolomite 3x6 Polished Marble Tile


Dolomite 3x9 Polished Marble Tile


Dolomite 6x12 Polished Marble Tile


Dolomite 8x16 Polished Marble Tile


Dolomite Basketweave With Dolomite Dot 12x12 Tile


Dolomite Basketweave With Gray Dot 12x12 Tile


Dolomite Hexagon 2" Polished Tile


Dolomite Marble 1x2 Herringbone Mosaic Tile

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